ACU holds BBQ for Council Housing tenants

This weekend the Aotearoa Community Union held a holiday BBQ for residents of the WCC Pukehinau flats in the sunny Aro Valley to celebrate the end of our first year in action.

The ACU has significant membership within the Pukehinau flats and functions as a popular democratic organ for the tenants in community life and dealing with WCC. Over half the tenants joined ACU as part of our push to increase hygiene and waste removal facilities. We are negotiating with WCC to achieve the best possible solution.

All over the country, we are isolated from fellow members of our community and jointly exploited by our landlords and our parasitic housing system as a whole. The work of Pukehinau tenants within the ACU is a model for how we can organise as a community to fight for our own interests and strengthen ourselves as well.

The whakawhanaungatanga and solidarity shown by the Pukehinau residents is a model for the next year of Community Union work.