A new type of union

⚠️ Coronavirus Community Response ⚠️

The Aotearoa Community Union is organising a grassroots mutual-aid response to the threat of the novel Coronavirus.

We stand up for our renting rights and communities against landlord malpractice and neglect.

What is the Community Union?

The Aotearoa Community Union is not an activist group. We reject the idea that a small amount of people waving signs in the city centre can bring transformational change to our communities.

Instead, we seek to become a mass organisation and a vehicle for the community themselves to transform their own communities. To an extent, this can simply take the form of fostering more communal relations between neighbours, the Community coming together to help with problems each other face.

The Community Union recognises that the issues we face in housing and in the community are essentially a continuation of class struggle outside the workplace. Ordinary working people are exploited both times by the capitalist class, who own the businesses and the homes. Any genuine expansion of renters’ and community rights inherently comes at the expense of power of the bosses and landlords.

Who can join?

The Aotearoa Community Union is open to any kiwi resident that shares our community-minded kaupapa. While most of our organisers are based in Wellington, we welcome members from all over Aotearoa.


The ACU is dedicated to rebuilding and strengthening community amongst working people.

Class focused

We are a working class organisation, and resolve to stand firm in the face of capitalist neglect.

Fostering Kaitiakitanga

We support and help empower Kaitiaki within our communities.

Get Involved

Join the ACU to strengthen your community, take up the fight for better living standards and build the movement for a democratic housing system.

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