ACU Statement on Waitangi Day

This Waitangi Day, the Aotearoa Community Union acknowledges that the land on which members live was confiscated from local iwi by the Crown and British monopoly capitalism. Any solution to the housing crisis that legitimately empowers communities must be grounded in a solution to the national-colonial question here in Aotearoa.

During the early years of colonisation, this land seizure and enclosure was a necessary part of primitive accumulation necessary to kick-start capitalism in Aotearoa.

The same capitalist relations with the land as when the New Zealand Company and the British bourgeoisie broke apart the primitive-communal land relations of pre-contact Māori society can be seen with Fletchers’ plans to develop Ihumātao or the privitisation of state houses and gentrification of areas such as Tāmaki and Porirua pursued by recent governments from both sides of the House.

The ACU, as part of our commitment to a democratic and community-centered housing system, recognises that the abolition of Māori national-colonial oppression and the profit motive behind it, is an integral part of progressing social relations in Aotearoa.