ACU strongly opposes privacy invasion of state house tenants

Starting from May next year, Kāinga Ora, the successor agency to Housing New Zealand, wants to begin installing multiple sensors in up to 2000 state houses as part of its Smart Homes project.

These sensors would be able to connect a whole wealth of data about state housing tenants, such as power usage, internal humidity and temperature, carbon dioxide levels, light and air pressure, and external temperature and humidity.

This data would allow the government to be able to see the private lives of residents in minute detail – down to which rooms had curtains open and when, or how many people were in each room.

As a union which represents tenants in public housing, the Aotearoa Community Union is strongly opposed to these new privacy-invading measures proposed by the Government.

No person should have their privacy invaded and data collected by the government just because they live in state houses.

Mass public housing, and normalisation of living in public housing, is the only viable solution to the housing crisis that we are currently in. These measures which only further entrench state housing tenants as second-class citizens.

The Aotearoa Community Union will find out where this Big Brother-style privacy invasion will be introduced next year and is committed to mobilising working communities to prevent its introduction.

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